Who Is Cheekie Bugga?

Remember me? I'm that kid formerly known as Darker, clashing other m.c's and artists in the student common room at Hammersmith and West London College trying to make a name for myself. Alongside friends Swift-le, Jaygo and Bluzey, we were known as the L.M.S Crew.

Holding a permanent slot on Flashback 97.6 FM we often made guest appearances on other stations such as Freek FM, Supreme FM and Raw mission etc. L.M.S became one of South London's biggest groups having performed in clubs all over London and other parts of the U.K, clubs such as SE1 Club, Stratford Rex, Temple, Bagley's Imperial Gardens, EQ, Palace Pavilion, the list goes on.

Working with the likes of some big producers such as Sticky and Michael Asante (Mikey J) and we were one of the first from South London to do a set with Dizzie Rascal and Wiley. Well, here i am still trying to master the art of writing, spitting, performing and creating new flows for everyone out there to appreciate and relate to. Theres still a long way to go, but you need to start somewhere. CHEEKIE BUGGA! 

Admin March 31, 2015 2:00 AM